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1st Annual Golden Banana Camel Wrestling Festival in Alanya



For the first time in Alanya, there is held a traditional Camel Wresting Festival (1.Altın Muz Deve Güreşleri)
on Sunday the 1st of March 2015 in Mahmutlar at 10:00.

Camel Wrestling is a famous and traditional  event in Turkey. Every January Camel Wrestling Championship is held in the city of Selcuk.

History of Camel Wresting goes more than 2400 years back to the times of ancient turkish tribes.

Most commonly this festival is held in Aegean region, but nowadays it is also more and more popular in other regions in Turkey. too.
There are more than 1000 camels that are specially bred for these wrestling competitions around Turkey.

Male camels are fighting together, trying to make other one to fall down, scream, retreat by pushing and leaning on to each others. Camel owner can also interrupt the fight by throwing a rope and give in for the safety of his camel.

This event is ceremonial and camels are also decorated nicely and it offers surely entertainment for everybody.

Tickets: 20TL (ticket money will be donated to local school)

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