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Investment opportunities in commercial properties in Turkey

Investment opportunities in commercial properties in Turkey

In Turkey there are a vast array of investment opportunities in commercial properties for foreigners, who can easily purchase commercial properties, make investments or set companies to do these on their behalf.

Investment opportunities in the tourism industry range from buying or renting hotel premises, or constructing new premises to suit your requirements. Renewable energy sources are a great investment opportunity with many many options available ranging from solar energy to wind energy.

Turkey has a past rich in agriculture and stockbreeding, and today there is a great selection of investment opportunities in these areas all over Turkey.

One of the most active industries in Turkey is the construction industry and there are great investment opportunities in this industry for foreigners, whether it be investing in residential projects, business premises or tourism facilities. Not only can you invest in the construction of business premises you can also invest in the setting up and running of business in these premises.

All of the above mentioned opportunities are available with the professional consultancy services offered by our company along with the services of a good law firm and accounting firm.

Our firms main field of activity is construction and we can guarantee the highest quality of service in regards to this, starting from the design stage of developmental projects to their actual construction and completion.


Off plan developments present great investment opportunities

Off plan developments offer buyers a great investment opportunity wither they are buying solely as an investment or for their own use. Properties are available for advantageous prices with long term payment plans, giving you choices or limited budgets. It is possible to earn 25 to 45% return on your investment by purchasing off plan properties.

You can also purchase off plan apartments or business premises for advantageous prices, with a rental guarantee, giving you the opportunity  to earn both an income from your investment and a return on your original investment.


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